Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thrifty Finds

So many good finds lately surprisingly...I haven't had as much time to go thrifting 
but the random times I have I found some really cool stuff!
Cute vintage mushroom pot, lovin oven baked goods tray, sx-70 polaroid, 
awesome huuuge owl, and a gorgeous tufted chocolate brown swivel armchair!

Xx, Cierra Noelle

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Blog neglect

So we're in harvest and I've been ridiculously busy...almost no time for having a life. Let alone blogging...

Even so, I'm still getting into the holiday spirit. Making holiday recipes, trying to wear warm clothes even though the weathers not quite right, and recently...preparing for halloween!

I couldn't really decide what I wanted to dress up as. I was leaning towards Nancy Botwin from Weeds (curly hair, little dress, wedges, mexican baby doll in a carrier, iced coffee, etc) but I'm not sure everyone would get it, and I'm not brunette anymore.
So, I think I decided on another iconic Batman villain...Poison Ivy. I did Harley Quinn a few years ago and that was a super fun costume, so this should be good too. Can't wait...just need to find a green leotard or bodysuit (like those cute american apparel ones), some long gloves, some crafty strategically placed leaves, leggings or tights, tall boots, and do my hair all big and curly and red and I'm good to go :)

We'll be going to a halloween cover show in chico on friday then maybe a party in paradise on actual Halloween.

UPDATE: This is how that costume turned out btw :)

Xx, Cierra Noelle

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