Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Excited for Autumn!

I love everything about Autumn.
Here are a few of my favorites <3

Leaves changing color and the 
smell in the air after the rain.

Holidays and yummy holiday recipes:
Rain and everything about it. 
Driving in the rain. 
Umbrellas and boots.

Tea, cider, and yummy 
seasonal flavored coffee:

Candles and a warm fire <3

Leggings and sweaters and 
boots and hats and scarves!

Veggie soup! All kinds. But my favorite is 
homemade vegetable dumpling, so yummy!

Fall is just so crisp and cozy 
and cuddly and yummy. 
Definitely my favorite season.
Bring it on!

Xx, Cierra

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thrify finds!

So many awesome treasures this weekend!
1) Amazing Polaroid Automatic 330 Land Camera in great condition 
with the flash bulb and even extra bulbs, tools, and a UV filter. Great find for $1!
2)Funky vintage vinyl green placemats
3)All kinds of great vintage fabric I love the flowers and mushrooms!
4)Gorgeous white vintage dress. I'll have to alter the top and take out the shoulder pads (hah), 
but I lovelovelove the waistline and button detail!

Also, I told my PopPop I have been collecting old cameras and he brought out boxes and boxes of gorgeous cameras. I was drooling over his collection. Amazing!
And he wants to "keep it in the family" so that sounds good for me ;) haha

Xx, Cierra

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thrifty finds!

Came across a few cute treasures this last week. 1)Vintage "Home Sweet Home" wooden sign 2)The cutest, greenest wafflemaker/grill from the 60's 3)Handmade apron 4)These amazing heels that I saw one day and went back to buy and they had already been taken. So I searched the internet high and low for weeks to find...with no luck. Until this week. At a vintage sale. In my size. What are the chances...seriously?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Craft show


 The craft sale was really slow. Chico needs a better indie crafting community. Either way, my booth...I must say...was pretty dang cute!
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Monday, September 6, 2010

Thrifty finds!

Went yard saling, thrifting and antiquing with my mama this weekend. So much fun!
Found: 1) Vintage green daisy pyrex mixing bowls and casserole dish
2) Chrome sunbeam mixer and four mixing bowls
3) Vintage 8mm Keystone Electric Eye camera
4) 16 waist belts for $3
5) 25 pairs of opaque tights for $2
     (This nice lady at a yard sale I came across was selling her mothers things. She said her mother had to have a matching pair of tights, handbag, and waist belt for every outfit--most of them were worn once or still in the vintage packaging!)
and 6) Adorable orange glasses with funny handles that remind me of elf ears. Cute!

I love them! Now I've gotten my mom and my brothers girlfriend hooked on going with me. Yay!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I need to bake these matcha green tea cupcakes with strawberry custard filling and strawberry buttercream frosting. They look so incredibly delicious. I might even mix it up and try blueberry or blackberry instead of strawberry.

Tons of homework. Barely escaped a speeding ticket. and no time for anything fun lately...I could use a nummy cupcake ;)