Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thrify finds!

So many awesome treasures this weekend!
1) Amazing Polaroid Automatic 330 Land Camera in great condition 
with the flash bulb and even extra bulbs, tools, and a UV filter. Great find for $1!
2)Funky vintage vinyl green placemats
3)All kinds of great vintage fabric I love the flowers and mushrooms!
4)Gorgeous white vintage dress. I'll have to alter the top and take out the shoulder pads (hah), 
but I lovelovelove the waistline and button detail!

Also, I told my PopPop I have been collecting old cameras and he brought out boxes and boxes of gorgeous cameras. I was drooling over his collection. Amazing!
And he wants to "keep it in the family" so that sounds good for me ;) haha

Xx, Cierra

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