Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Excited for Autumn!

I love everything about Autumn.
Here are a few of my favorites <3

Leaves changing color and the 
smell in the air after the rain.

Holidays and yummy holiday recipes:
Rain and everything about it. 
Driving in the rain. 
Umbrellas and boots.

Tea, cider, and yummy 
seasonal flavored coffee:

Candles and a warm fire <3

Leggings and sweaters and 
boots and hats and scarves!

Veggie soup! All kinds. But my favorite is 
homemade vegetable dumpling, so yummy!

Fall is just so crisp and cozy 
and cuddly and yummy. 
Definitely my favorite season.
Bring it on!

Xx, Cierra


  1. yes soup and stuffing! oh god, totally want to make butternut squash soup and stuffing right now!! yummy!!!! love that owl mug but i have to say i love owls ALL year long :O


  2. ohh yeeees! I agree with every single word in that post! Isn't autumn the best season of it all?
    Have a wonderful and inspirational autumn!