Monday, September 6, 2010

Thrifty finds!

Went yard saling, thrifting and antiquing with my mama this weekend. So much fun!
Found: 1) Vintage green daisy pyrex mixing bowls and casserole dish
2) Chrome sunbeam mixer and four mixing bowls
3) Vintage 8mm Keystone Electric Eye camera
4) 16 waist belts for $3
5) 25 pairs of opaque tights for $2
     (This nice lady at a yard sale I came across was selling her mothers things. She said her mother had to have a matching pair of tights, handbag, and waist belt for every outfit--most of them were worn once or still in the vintage packaging!)
and 6) Adorable orange glasses with funny handles that remind me of elf ears. Cute!

I love them! Now I've gotten my mom and my brothers girlfriend hooked on going with me. Yay!

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