Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm TwentyOne!

 So, I'm finally twenty-one years old!
I had a great birthday overall
Starting with this little surprise!
Snow! It snowed just like it did the day I was born in 1990 :)

We went to dinner at Burgers and Brew 
where I had a delicious smoked tofu burger and banana bread beer!

Then everyone came over to my place for drinks
and the last celebration before I have to move out :(

My lil Shade man showed up in style ;)

I made this owl cake and cupcakes too!

Afterwards, Max and I went downtown to hit up a few bars.

which consequently ended with max cleaning my puke out of a cab...
Sorry Max!
anddd me spending most of the day I was supposed to be packing in bed sick...
but I guess thats whats supposed to happen on your 21st?
Not sure...either way, shout out to my mom, cousin kayleigh, brother, 
and max for helping me out and taking care of me! Love you guys <3

anddd here's my 21 things before 22 list!
1. Keep a New Years Resolution.
2.Have an awesome 21st Bday (check ;)
3. Make new friends.
4.Take full credits all year in classes that get me closer to my business degree.
5. Do things that make me feeeel good (workout, eat well)
6. Save $$$ (traveling, business)
7. Take opportunities.
8. Make our my apartment really cute (check..ish?)
9. Cook more meals (Thank you FoodGawker!)
10. Add to vinyl collection.
11. Take risks (but be smart about it)
12. Focus on family.
13. Learn to bake amazing cupcakes from scratch + decorate them like a pro.
14. Ride my pretty vintage Schwinn bike (first fix it =/).
15. Learn to sew likuh pro! -----
16. Take a vacation.
17. BLOG more (look at me go!)
18. Go to more shows, like old times.
19. Do a craft faire!
20. Take TONS of photos (learn to use my camera)
21. Paint more!

There ya have it...my year started off pretty rocky, hopefully it will smooth out and turn out to be one of the best yet. Trying to stay positive and move on :)

Xox, Cierra Noelle

Monday, February 14, 2011

Vday Craft Night

Decided to go ahead and do my Vday Craft Night as planned. Glad I did, fun night with some of my favorite ladies :)
Made these cute playlists and  delicious red velvet cake pops!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pure Magic

This made an otherwise bummer night quite amazing....two of my favorite bands right now, with the one and only Bob Dylan...unbelievable! I wish I could've been there.

Xox, Cierra

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Too bad, so sad :(

I'm going through some difficult stuff right now, 
and as a result of my recent breakup, 
I will not be able to stay in my pretty apartment anymore :(

I wish I could, I spent so much time and care on putting everything together
and making it feel like home. Now I can hardly be there, let alone afford it by myself.

So, R.I.P my first pretty little perfect apartment...
I have a good time these past two (yes, only 2) months I lived in you.

My very own kitchen to cook up all my meals and baked goods! Loved it!
Comfy bedroom
Craft Corner!

Pretty walk-in closet! Gahddd, I'm going to miss this part DEARLY.
Living room, in my favorite shades of green and all retro furniture.
Favorite chair.


soooo sad. ugh!

Never posted, but should've...

We had these taken for gifts for our family for the holidays , I loved how they turned out.
Our friend Amanda Flinn-Simmons took them...she's a talented lady. Check her out on Flickr !

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Long time, no blog :(

Between work, moving, and the holidays I haven't had very much time to sit and collect my thoughts let alone blog. However, its a new year, and one of my goals is to take more time to blog! Also, we're instating craft nights! So many exciting new things!
The biggest of which has been...
Andrew and I got our own apartment!!!....and I might even go so far as to say that its getting pretty darn cute.
Its a work in progress, but its definitely feeling like home <3

Best vintage chair find ever,  handmade owl&hedgehog pillows, and our budding record collection!
Owlsowlsowlssss. And an interesting lil gnome ;)
I will be doing all my cooking/baking in this new pretty kitchen :) Fulllll of my Merry Mushroom collection!
Prettiest waffle-maker around!
 (LOVE this new Crosley we got!)

 Just a few sneak peeks for those of you who haven't seen it in person! More to come when we get more of our decorations put up....


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thrifty Finds

So many good finds lately surprisingly...I haven't had as much time to go thrifting 
but the random times I have I found some really cool stuff!
Cute vintage mushroom pot, lovin oven baked goods tray, sx-70 polaroid, 
awesome huuuge owl, and a gorgeous tufted chocolate brown swivel armchair!

Xx, Cierra Noelle

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