Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thrifty Finds

So many good finds lately surprisingly...I haven't had as much time to go thrifting 
but the random times I have I found some really cool stuff!
Cute vintage mushroom pot, lovin oven baked goods tray, sx-70 polaroid, 
awesome huuuge owl, and a gorgeous tufted chocolate brown swivel armchair!

Xx, Cierra Noelle

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  1. I love the mushroom cooking pot! For some weird reason I'm obsessed with vintage cookware like the one you found, so naturally, my cupboards are full of em! Nice find!

    Raised By Wolves

  2. These are all so cool! The polaroid looks great.

  3. Thanks guys :)

    and George, you should see the 15 Merry Mushroom canisters I recently got! They are the greatest!