Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Too bad, so sad :(

I'm going through some difficult stuff right now, 
and as a result of my recent breakup, 
I will not be able to stay in my pretty apartment anymore :(

I wish I could, I spent so much time and care on putting everything together
and making it feel like home. Now I can hardly be there, let alone afford it by myself.

So, R.I.P my first pretty little perfect apartment...
I have a good time these past two (yes, only 2) months I lived in you.

My very own kitchen to cook up all my meals and baked goods! Loved it!
Comfy bedroom
Craft Corner!

Pretty walk-in closet! Gahddd, I'm going to miss this part DEARLY.
Living room, in my favorite shades of green and all retro furniture.
Favorite chair.


soooo sad. ugh!

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