Thursday, August 19, 2010

If there is a will, there is a way...

I have found it. The perfect futon for our apartment living room. Its the Ikea Beddinge Series with this beautiful cover in the most amazing green upholstery fabric. It will match with the chair (that I mentioned before) and it folds out into a full size bed! (Perfect for when we have guests or just want to lounge out and cuddle while watching a movie)
The only thing is the cover is discontinued--and somehow I found someone on CL with one for sale--but its three hours away. After a ton of coordinating and planning falling though, I think my awesome friend Mars might be coming with me (along with her big van) on a futon adventure tomorrow...*fingers crossed*

Xox, Cierra

8/23/10 UPDATE: I ended up nabbing the futon with a dark grey cover for 75 bucks! and get this...found this exact color discontinued slipcover (normally retails at $130) for $10 in the town my aunt lives in. So excited!

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