Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Things To Try Tuesday:

One: Tufted Headboard
I have been really into furniture with tufting lately. Its just a really good way to make a simple piece look really nice and give it a little bit of a vintage feel. When I get some time I'd really like to tackle the project of making a tufted headboard. If I can find 3 decent sized rectangular frames I might just make panel ones--which will save time & money, not to mention, it will probably look pretty adorable (especially with assorted old buttons instead of the everyday fabric covered buttons you usually see).

Two: Rootbeer Float Cupcakes
These are adorable..and they look absolutely delicious. This recipe from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen calls for white cake mix (box or from scratch) mixed with rootbeer only. I've heard that you can add a can of soda to any cake mix (instead of milk, eggs, etc) before, which is amazinggg because it also makes your recipe vegan (besides the frosting). I can't wait to make these, the kitchen is going to smell so yummy!

Three: Log buttons
 This is the cutest idea. I want to make some immediately! they might even be cute for tufting throw pillows. Ahhh so many possibilities!

Four: Upcycled Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art
I love upcycling household materials. These normally just get thrown away anyway, so why not? Plus there are so many options--you could even paint them to add a pop of color to bare walls!

Five: Nine hole buttons
I've never really worked with fimo clay before, but these are just too cute not to try. I love that you can thread letters through them and spell out words, names and phrases on the craft of your choice. 

 Six: Felt Throw pillows
I'm definitely excited to start making some awesome throw pillows for my apartment. These are from Modernality on Etsy, she makes some really cute pacman pillows that I absolutely love! I want to make or buy (depending on available time) simple solid throw pillow covers in coordinating colors and add my own felt designs to them...I'm thinking....mustaches? hedgehogs? owls? leaves? cameras? dandelions? 
Oh goodness, too many cute options! 

I'm going to have to MAKE time because these ideas are just too cute not to give a try. I can't wait!

Xox Cierra

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